Before our trip to Disney and right after, it’s been pretty nuts at work – trying to get ahead and trying to catchup. This is always the downside of taking a week off – things just keep going while you are out. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t squeeze in some fun activities during that time – I just didn’t have time to blog about them.

So I’ve caught up a bit at work over the last week (I’m never ahead these days, just have enough down to keep my head above water), laundry is in the washer, kids are in bed (well supposed to be, I can’t promise they are asleep), so now I’m gonna play a little catch up here.

First up, labor day weekend. This was a week before we left and Aunt Beth came to visit. We always look forward to Beth’s visits – Cailee especially. As soon as she knows, she always counts down the time til Beth comes. She loves all the extra attention that Beth showers on her. This time was no different. You can just tell from the jovial expressions below, the fun we were having. We had a girls night out for dinner and dancing at Brightleaf, we did a little birthday shopping for Cailee (sans Cailee), went to church, spent a lot of time outside and of course we played, played, played.