Our tradition of going to Charlotte to celebrate with the Herrman side of the family continues. This year, the weather was mild – it hardly felt like just a few days before Christmas with temps in the 70s. As always, the kids spent the afternoon training Stacy’s dogs and we gorged on bbq and mac and cheese, our standard fattening fare. Stacy and Scott got Connor the cutest Carolina Panthers jersey and football and while he doesn’t know much about football, he quickly embraced the Carolina Panthers (or the Blue Panthers according to him) as his new team. I already know we’ll get much use out of the jersey at all the “wear your favorite team colors” days he has each year.

We’d been watching the weather, and while it threatened rain, we decided to chance it and went to the Carowinds Holiday event. It was actually really fun. Just a handful of rides were running and I can’t honestly imagine what it would have been like if the temps had not been seasonably warm, but thankfully we didn’t have to find out. The lines were short and we took advantage – we must have ridden the kiddie roller coaster four times. They had craft stations to make ornaments, typical fair food, and more. We also spent a good deal of time winning two stuffed Pikachus and then tracking one down since the game ran out of the one prize the kids couldn’t live without. Everyone had a good time, it was another great way to usher in the season. Somehow I have a feeling we’ll be back next year.