I always feel so blessed this time of year. We’ve learned from experience that making it to the Moravian love feast on nights that JJ has to work usually ends with us being too late so we just headed to our church where the hot chocolate and cookies are a plenty. On Christmas morning, after making the kids wait for what seemed to be far too long from their account – we let them at their gifts. The kids were pretty lucky I have to say – Santa brought them nearly everything they wanted. Cailee got a vanity, hollywood makeup mirror, an LOL ball (although she expected more LOL dolls), a little robot named Cozmo, (Connor got the same one from GG Dewar), a new pink bike and more. Connor got a “fort”, a RC car painted like Lightening McQueen, some Pikachu (lots of Pikachu actually). And as per tradition, we spent the afternoon with the Dewars. Baby Saylor was the highlight of the afternoon, enjoying everyone’s attention on her first Christmas. https://photos.amidewar.com/2017/December-25-2017