So Connor has had a big summer so far. 1. He’s talking a lot (finally!). We actually know what he wants/needs most of the time, which is a big step forward. 2. Big deal! He’s almost potty trained (the fact that he actually acknowledges the toilet and will sit on it was big enough – up til a few weeks ago he wanted nothing to do with it – but now he’s kinda got the potty thing down – I’ll have to admit promising a trip to the toy store seemed to do the trick. So we’ll be in the poor house but the kid will be potty trained. 3. He’s a master of the scooter. He’s got not fear, and he will fly down the drive (he doesn’t know how to brake) screaming “I can’t stop, I can’t stop” and go flying into the garage with a smirk on his face, because he didn’t want to stop anyhow – it was all part of the act. He literally just plows into whatever will break his stop.