Now to the people pictures. Here’s who was there…
GG and Gdaddy Herrman
GG and Gdaddy Dewar
Big sister Cailee
Mom & Dad
Uncle Dave and Jen
Auntie Em, Cousins McKinley and Riley
Mrs. Tracy and Grayson
The Hamletts (Melanie, Eddie, Isabella and Audrey)

We had a full house, but even still, Connor was just chill the entire time. I think he just took it all in. I had the party perfectly planned for 1:00 – assuming Connor would just be waking up, well rested from him morning nap. At home, he always takes a morning nap. Not so this day. After several failed attempts (again, never the case at home), he went down at 12:30, and was woken up with the first kiddos arrived promptly at 1. So I braced for the worst and was shocked that he never cried, or as so much whimpered the rest of the day. He did of course, take a great nap post party.

I have no doubt, if Connor could tell us, his favorite part was the cake. We gave him a big slab of the vanilla cake and he dug in. I think he nearly ate it all and what didn’t make it to his mouth, he wore on his clothes. Yes, I knew the shirt was pretty much going to be a throw away, but I wasn’t going to deprive him of his cake. Of course, he took an impromptu bath afterwards.

For gifts, Connor stocked up on trucks and trains, typical boy stuff – which is good to have around this house that has been dominated with pink for the last few years. He also got a Winnie the Pooh from Aunt Stacy and Uncle Scott, quite possibly the softest stuffed animal ever, so it was no surprise that Audrey confiscated it during the party. She even adorned its eyes with stickers (see the pictures below).

We got so many more photos from the photo booth, but here are some of the best of the bunch.

PS. You’ll notice the picture of Cailee’s wrists – she took all the candy bracelets intended for all the kids and put them on her wrists before anyone else could grab them. We had to coerce her into reluctantly sharing them.