So here we are again, dance competition #2. This one was in Kannapolis, NC. Cailee and I decided to drive down the day before and enjoyed our girls trip. We ate breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel, we played ipad games in our giant kingsize bed, we had waffles for breakfast, took a dip (or splash) in the pool and finally made our way to the auditorium. Wow! this competition was way intense. It made the first competition feel like child’s play. Some of these routinues were just jawdropping good. And while the competitive spirit in me was wondering how the heck they got so good and what Cailee needed to do or where she needed to be to get to that level, the mommy in mean decided, I liked that my little girl was still a little girl and wasn’t doing some of the very mature girations these girls were doing at such a young age.

At the end of the competition, as they prepared for awards, they called all the dancers on stage and had a mini dance off/dance party. Poor Cailee just seemed a little overwhelmed. It took me back to my teen years when I had the same timidness when it came to dancing. It’s well known that I have no dance moves WHAT.SO.EVER. I’m hoping, if nothing else, these classes and competition will give her confidence and more importantly the skills that she will not otherwise inherit from me.

Sadly, I have no photos of the actual competition, I just get so wrapped up watching the performances that I don’t want to miss anything with a camera up to my eye, so all my pictures are of the down time before, and between performances. For Cailee, that meant showing off the games on her ipad or playing with the girls on her team.

In other news, Connor and JJ were at the monster truck rally. Apparently, Connor loved it!