Its amazing how you are coming more and more alive every day. Just this weekend I was reading “What to expect the first year” and it listed what you should be able to do by three months. I remember thinking, I am not sure you can lift your head up 90 degrees and support yourself on your arms and no sooner did I walk into your bedroom and there you were on your belly, supporting yourself and just looking all around with your head held high. In some ways its so exciting to see how you are growing and changing and to see your personality develop. On the other hand, its scary to watch how fast the days go by now that you are here.

Your daddy and I love your smile and you are starting to giggle a lot more these days – its still for no apparent reason and no one can predict when your silly mood will strike – but maybe that’s half the charm of it – wondering what expression, what tickle spot, what action will make you happy.

You are really getting into standing up, with our help of course, but you don’t know that – in your mind – it is all your doing. You even take little steps, again with a little coaxing, but I can tell you are going to be an active one and that’s no thanks to your momma’s genes.

You are just now beginning to entertain yourself, not so much with toys, although you will hold an occasional rattle, but more so with staring – which I suppose is acceptable at this age – at least no one seems to mind the baby looking at them, in fact, you still garner a lot of attention (even if everyone still thinks you are a boy).

I think, quite possibly, that you are rubbing your hair off in the back – its kind of funny – you have a bald spot midway down in the back – maybe if you cared, you wouldn’t move your head from side to side so much but it doesn’t bother you, at least not now – give it 13 years and I bet the story would be different.

One day, soon, we are hoping, you will like your carseat again – its funny now – you will laugh and giggle when we put you in it but the minute we pop into the front seat you are not a happy camper. Its not long before you are generally sleepy and we can ride in peace and quiet again.

Oh its so hard to remember every sweet expression, every funny story, even every mishap we are making as parents – but despite the lack of sleep at night and the times when we can’t hear over the crying (for no apparent reason), you are growing up each and every day and we are enjoying (just about) every minute of it.

Your mom