One week, I was minding my own business, working and the next week I found myself in Dublin, Ireland. Turns out when we you are working on a pretty hot project, travel approval that is generally pretty hard to come by, just happens, even at the eleventh hour. So I learned of the trip on Thursday, and was on an all-nighter the following Tuesday for a few days of bonding and work with our development team and was back home Friday evening. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as wiped out as I thought I might be, but I slept well at night to say the least. Dublin seemed nice, although I pretty much stuck to the street my hotel was on and the route out to the IBM offices. I heard the countryside is unbelieveable so I’ll have to check that out next time around.

On top of that, we decided to take the kids to Washington just after I returned. Sure, why not (my flight actually went through Washington so for a split second, I thought about staying there and just having JJ meet me… might have been a good plan). Nevertheless, jetlag aside, we hopped in the car on Saturday, (I don’t think I really unpacked) and spent Sat/Sun and Mon in Washington DC. Now the kids don’t really understand the significance of Washington yet (Cailee thinks this is where the principal lives), but we did a little bit of the museums, a lot of Uber, a day at the Washington Zoo (where I understand we were very fortunate to see the Pandas) and a day at Six Flags (which left more to be desired but the kids had a blast). Leave it to us to cram a ton into one weekend – its definitely going to take a while to recover.








































My daredevils at Six Flags