What is the saying, the best laid plans go awry (or something like this) – well that turned out to be true Monday. After returning from the beach we took off Monday with the sole intention of going to the fair (well that, and to prolong our weekend). That was not to be – it poured rain pretty much the entire day. And even when the sun came out for a nanosecond we knew the ground would be much too damp and kids + mud doesn’t end well. So new plan, we heard on good authority that Tuesday and Wednesdays were good nights (in so much as smaller crowds, therefore not as easy to lose kiddos) so we packed up and headed out Tuesday evening. Our inside report was accurate – I can report there were no lines for the rides or food and the crowd was much less dense. We loved running into Uncle Dave (that tells you how slim the crowd was, that we were able to spot him) and Jen who we had no idea was at the fair as well.

JJ and I have realized that long gone are our days of leisurely walks through the agriculture, exhibits, people watching and even food tasting – it is all about the rides. We spent all of three hours on the rides and then topped it off with some cotton candy (Cailee just remembered enough from last year to demand “candy” – as if I would know what that referred to at the fair).

Connor road the carousel, old jalopy cars and dizzy dragons, and Cailee did it all I think, roller coasters, bungie jumping, flying dumbos, train and more. This time around she was more than willing to do the rides by herself and even made a few friends along the way. As luck would have it, we wrapped up all the rides just in time to catch the fireworks in the parking lot – both kids enjoyed the show (which I dare say was better than the recent fourth of July show).