Well on to the big reason we were at the beach after all – Jessica’s wedding. I, for one, could hardly believe that the high schooler that I, not so long ago, took to work for “take your child to work day” was all grown up and getting married.

Likewise, I had a hard time imagining Connor-man making it down the aisle in his debut as ring bearer – but I heard on good authority that he stole the show (and we could possibly pimp him out for other weddings :)). The only frownie face I’ll throw on the whole event is that I didn’t get great pictures of him in action during his big moment (I would have had to push the professional photographer out of the way and I refrained – I’m just hoping she got some good shots because he rocked it).

Cailee pronounced herself as the second princess at the wedding and she proclaimed that she looked “beautiful” in her wedding dress (& I concur), twirling around for all to see.