We have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving. I am bravely tackling the big meal at our house, for the first time EVER. That might sounds impressive, but in reality, I actually have the easy end of the deal – we don’t have to drive, everyone comes to our house (which means all the kiddos get naps – Yeah!) and Dave (and Jen) is doing all the heavy lifting – cooking, that is. I just picked up a lot of the goodies at the store, prepared some appetizers, got the drinks and for the rest, Dave has it all under control. The best part of that is that I haven’t been slaving in the kitchen all day and have gotten a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful weather outside.

Cailee and I were loving the leaves today – there are just a few left on the trees, thanks to the very windy day yesterday – which means there was a significant amount on the ground. JJ was busying blowing them and Cailee was grabbing them and throwing them right back on the path he had just cleared. It was quite counter productive, but she was having fun.

Our dinner (Ha! just kidding!)