Nothing like getting back from vacation and kicking off the new school year a day later. Its nutty to me that we do this but doesn’t seem to bother the kids in the least. Dare I say the reality of another year of school has not come crashing down on Cailee yet as these pictures indicate (but getting up early and having homework every day will most definitely catch up with her soon enough). Cailee has Mrs. Jannetta for first grade and even though a lot of her friends from Kindergarten are in a different class, she still seems excited to start (I am surprised, I expected quite a bit of apprehension without the comfort of her besties close by). But I’m not one to spoil the mood by asking how she’s really feeling so I’m just thrilled that my otherwise “definitely not a morning person” child is posing for pictures and even smiling (normally) in some. Watch out first grade!

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-13-Edit-2480x3715

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-12-Edit-2480x3715

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-11-2480x3715

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-10-Edit-2480x3715

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-7-Edit-2-2480x1656

20150824-Cailee 1st Grade-6-Edit-2480x1656