On Sunday, Cailee and decided to have one last hurrah before back to school and went to AR Studio. They have a location in Durham, but we made the trek to Raleigh because they had last minute availability. I didn’t really know what to expect (had I known, I wouldn’t have worn an ivory sweater to a painting activity) but to be honest it’s a pretty neat concept. You sign up for a course – like wood signs, you choose your design and then when you get their they have your wood and stencil all ready for you. You paint your board, the frame edges, and then stencil the art. There were specific designs for youth, so while Cailee would have preferred something piggy she was thrilled with this colorful mermaid design and I went with the lemon tree. My idea was to put it in the downstairs bathroom but it’s since made its way upstairs. I honestly feel like it needs a partner and then there are about four more designs I want to do – so for sure, we’ll be back (Cailee’s already asked!) – it was a really fun way to spend an afternoon.