And I was worried we wouldn’t get out money’s worth out of Halloween costumes (which, by the way, I need to start making, they are way to expensive) – but we have been enjoying lots of Halloween festivities – and its not even the big day yet.

First, Ridgecrest Baptist had a community fall fest (this is Cailee’s puggles church). In the past, Cailee has been a little leery of these events – the sheer volumes of people just seemed to initimidate her. But she has really grown up since turning 3 – almost overnight – she started to recognize that “big girls” do not cry when we leave her behind at school, puggles, etc. And although she still prefers to have mommy at arm’s length – she didn’t immediately shrink and reach for my arms when we got to the church – she wanted to lead the way and we were just along for the ride. She just pulled us everywhere – and was none too happy when the event was over. She enjoyed a hayride, the bouncy house, even shot a nerf gun (yeah – scary).

This year, Cailee’s costume was labeled as a strawberry fairy (whatever that is). She wanted to be a butterfly at one point, then ladybug girl (a character in one of her favorite books right now), so this is the closest we can get – and boy does she love her wings.

Cailee showing off her wings

Apparently, the wings didn’t slow her down in the bouncy either.

Tonight, we went to a friend of JJ’s house for a halloween party. This was a new experience for Cailee – she has only been to birthday parties and has always assumed there is only one type of party – complete with birthday cake and balloons – lucky for us – there were balloons and cake – so everyone was happy. It was fun to watch Cailee – even though she was one of few girls and younger then most of the kids – she held her own and seemed to have a lot of fun.

Cailee keeps thinking her wings are going to help her fly. She made a valiant effort – but still no lift off (well kinda).

Connor had to look “cool” tonight so we toned down the pumpkin costume with his skull cap and jeans – but he was still keeping with the halloween spirit.

For some reason, Cailee decided she wanted to add a sombrero to her costume – now we are more confused then ever as to what she is really dressed up as.

More Halloween fun to come…