You wouldn’t know this, but I actually mistyped the title as Happy Valentine’s day and normally I wouldn’t admit such a silly mistake, except that its clear my head is still thinking Valentine’s and candy hearts and still reeling from the fact that its more than a month later. I have no clue where the time goes, the days are just flying by. Its nearly impossible to realize that Cailee is more than six months old now, trying desperately to crawl, eating food (she enjoyed a lick of my Popsicle tonight and a swig of sweet tea – I know not the picture of perfection when it comes to parenting) and talking up a storm (well its still her language but in her head she is telling me about EVERYTHING!

Good thing we are still willing to pose for the camera. Here’s Cailee being silly in green. Her favorite expression is to purse her lips – sometime we’ll know what that means. Oh yea, and she is teething (we think) and puts everything in her month (don’t believe me?) even the high chair fell victim tonight.