This past weekend I took my first trip to the beach. Mom and Dad said it was because they had to get away, whatever that meant. I enjoyed the car ride down – especially now that my seat is against the window, I got to look out at all the passing cars, big bridges and lots of water. It was a little windy at the beach so Mom tried to make me wear a hat – but it seemed to just cover my eyes most of the time. Eventually I convinced her it wasn’t a good idea.

I didn’t particularly like the sand on my toes – but the ocean was a pretty neat thing to watch. Daddy held me most of the time on the beach so that kept me from getting too sandy. Oh, I tried out swimming for the first time. Its seems I pretty much forgot what it was like to be in a lot of water – besides my bathtub – at first it was a little chilly but once I warmed up – it was fun to kick and glide around – I had a lot of help this time in the pool, but I bet next time, I could do it all on my own. I tried to drink some of the water too – but it tasted funny. Check out me in action!