JJ was off on his annual mountain bike excursion this weekend so it was just me and the kids. Luckily for us, the rain opted to hit when the kids were either napping or sleeping so we spent the majority of the weekend outside. Cailee has really gotten into her bike these days – she’s getting quite good – you can see her getting stronger all the time – little hills she used not to be able to make it up – she now does with much more ease.

Connor, well, he would love to be on the bike, but 1. he’s a tad short for the only kid-size bike in our garage 2. he doesn’t do pedals (some by his doing, mostly by JJ’s design, who wants him to learn on a push bike). So typically Connor’s idea of “being like the big kids” ends up as, “I’m going to sit on this bike and pretend I’m doing it while you push me around” OR “I’m going to push the bike, stroller, car, vehicle [insert available 2/4 wheeled toy of choice] around (and even though it’s likely three times the size of me – DON’T HELP ME – I’ll just scream every time it does something I can’t control (REALLY ANNOYING)”. See the stroller shot below – he pushed that stroller at least a 1/2 mile on his tippy toes. Some day riding an ape hanger bike is going to be a piece of cake for him.

The net of this weekend – we biked around the house, we biked down the street, we biked at the park. I’m sure we’ll bike at GG’s today…to be continued.

And even though we had a LOT of fun this weekend, we all really missed Daddy. It’s not hard to see how excited Cailee is at being able to talk to daddy on the phone (and tell him ALL about the bike riding).