I am not trying to draw unwanted attention to my clean, family blog so this might be a wrong choice of words – but there is no better way to describe our day of nakedness earlier this week.

First up, this is just Connor being real (and why its a good thing that the only cameras following my kids around are those around my neck). The kids talked me into going to the spraypark again – mind you – just so they could get all sandy in the giant sandbox – not to actually cool off – but in the process Connor decided to take care of #2 in his swimmy and that required a quick change. Since he’s such a wiggler, JJ just decided to let him return to the park in just his diaper – Yes, we are those people! And Connor couldn’t have been happier – if I let him run around all day, sans clothes, he would be happier than a pig in mud.

Earlier the same day, we finally took Bogart to the vet to have his mane trimmed. It had gotten so matted that the poor guy had dreads that would just fall out in clumps as he gnawed on it, so it was clearly time to start afresh. Luckily he doesn’t look like a rat with no fur – which I really expected, I also prepared the kids he might look like a lion with a fluffy head and tail but trim torso – Cailee is calling him that but I don’t even really see that either. Bottom line, I think he’s actually much happier – although I miss his long orange fur. By the way – Bogart is now tipping the scales at 20.4 lbs – yikes – I’m hoping he shed a few along with his fur.