It’s been a rainy weekend (which is not altogether bad – it makes for a good naps), but we were lucky to sneak in a few hours outdoors at the annual Hillsborough Hog Day. This event has a tendency to sneak up on you and pass you by without realizing – but it’s one of those down-home, small-town kinda events you don’t want to miss.

We thought the kids would love the bouncy village that they always have so we bought the “endless # of rides” wristband for them both. Connor didn’t want anything to do with the bouncy houses and only went down the slide twice, with JJ (very odd behavior for him and a complete waste of $8, but he’s been a little under the weather and exceptionally clingy lately, so I’ll chalk it up to “heck if I know”). Cailee did at least ten rides (each ride is a $1 ordinarily) so I guess we got our money’s worth, but as the day went on the lines got longer and her attention waned more than I anticipated.

Of course JJ and I got some of the infamous bbq and the kids enjoyed ribbon chips and lemonade. I think the highlight for Cailee was the face painting (On one hand I was glad I talked her out of the full-face zebra design, but on the other hand, I felt a twinge of quilt that I didn’t let her get what she really wanted just because I didn’t want to deal with cleaning it all up).

Connor got his face painted for the first time ever. The artist suggested a little puppy (free of charge). I think she expected Connor to be wiggly in the chair (like a puppy) but he sat really still (that, I did expect). Connor also really loved the music. He got right down in front of the stage and wiggled his bottom – I think he was giving the bigger show to the crowd on the lawn, then the band. He even got his picture in the Orange county paper (supposedly) for his dance and enthusiasm efforts.

Video to come….