So I don’t know where Cailee picks up these sayings – but she has some of the funniest expressions these days. This was one of them – she looked at some food and said “yummm gross-ey.” It was kind-of an oxymoron – she liked it but in the same sentence called it “gross + ey.” My other favorite saying (& JJ’s too – apparently he can relate) from this week was…
“Mommy, you need to calm down.”

But I digress. What was really gross-ey was Connor’s first attempts with food – we started with Oatmeal cereal at the beginning of August – and after suffering with that (you have to scoop it in his mouth, he spits it out, you scoop it back in and he spits it up, repeat – all the while avoiding the food he was spitting out via ol’ motor mouth), we moved onto Bananas, stage 1 this weekend. I have tried just about every position – boppy, laying in my lap, in the high chair, and even the car seat, no angle really seems to make it any easier – but finally, this evening he started to get the hang of it.

Here’s some pix from one of our first meals.