Every other day this month, I believed we were just on the verge of Winter, as is expected in November. Besides the fact that we’ve been raking leaves, buying snow gear, practicing Christmas songs, and counting the days til vacation, the temps had turned quite chilly and some days it even smelled like snow (ok, that might be pushing it, but it really did). But then we got thrown a luke warm curveball this weekend. It was in the 70s and sunny.

No one was complaining, except maybe the store owners who were trying to get everyone in the holiday spirit with their snowy Christmas ads and decorations and even though Christmas is on the forefront of Cailee’s mind these days – she made the most of the warm afternoon, as did Connor. Plus, even though the commercials depict snowy scenes and winterscapes, the warm weather didn’t really deter the shoppers, I, among many others, did our fiscal responsibility in kicking off the Christmas shopping season.

So this Veteran’s day, we took Riley’s party outside and enjoyed our Sunday afternoon with family, and friends. Miraculously, even with no naps, everyone put their crankiness aside – it must have been the sun and sugar at play.