I still remember the day Emily told us that she was pregnant – it was the day we brought Connor home from the hospital. It hardly seems possible that Connor is 19 months and running around AND that Emma Riley is walking and turns one this week! Well, believe it or not, time is certainly not standing still and we had a lot of fun celebrating this milestone with the Dewar/Braxton clan today.

Riley is a little lady, full of spunk and personality. It’s so fun seeing her come into her own. She likes to direct you and loves to pose for the camera. What I loved seeing is that even though Cailee and McKinley are nearly 2 years apart, they are finally able to interact almost on the same level. I’m anxious to see Connor and Riley in the mix. I can already foresee the fun the four of them will have with each other (or trouble they’ll get into). We are so fortunate to have cousins right around the corner from us.