We had such a good week this week. We were lucky enough to have GG here this week to help me out with the kiddos while Miss Anna was away. She wore the kids out so much, they slept very well at night. Lots of time outside, doing crafts, making brownies and plenty of playing – note the car train below – her idea – it might indicate we have waaay too many cars – but who’s counting.

This week Cailee (and subsequently Connor) was really into her little yappy dog. It always makes me remember Lola. We even tried to take it on a walk (unsuccessfully).

While we had someone to watch the kids, JJ and I did a little early Christmas shopping. As a joint gift, we picked up an electric mini cooper – I have always missed my mini – I guess we now have a mini mini – although its still in the box waiting to be put together (the one below is the display). I know the kids will love it, hope they don’t fight over it too bad and really hope they don’t lose interest in the bikes/scooters that give them exercise (of which they are really interested right now).

And all the rest of the photos are just plain funny… don’t you think?