We are talking about Demo, Drywall and Decorating. That’s right, JJ has been making significant progress on Cailee’s playroom. He’s finished the flooring, the framing, the electrical – none of which were small feats. Its been quite a work in progress over the past several months. Time is certainly limited as to when he can work on it, a few hours each weekend – and since its not protected from the weather yet – he’s had to deal with very warm weather and frigid cold (this past weekend). But perseverance has paid off and now we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Up next – The demo, well that’s definitely gonna be fun – A little scary, I must admit, here we are tearing down perfectly good walls (removing Cailee’s closet), but think we’ll truly feel like HGTV has invaded when we have a sledge hammers in our control. Watch out world!

Next comes drywall, normally, not a fun step – but when its contained to a three day dusty ordeal and someone else is doing it – you can actually get excited about it. More so, because its completion signifies a milestone for us, when the room turns from beams into walls. Yeah!

And of course that leads to, decorating. And that’s where I come in. The wheels are already turning.

I’ll post some pictures this weekend. Stay tuned.

This is where we started.

And this is our work in progress, from start to finish