So everyone says I am nesting, but I looked it up and I can prove I’m not. Supposedly nesting refers to an expectant mother having a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around the home. Well, for whatever reason, I’ll admit I am odd in this respect, but cleaning and doing chores around the house has always brought me satisfaction – so I wouldn’t say this is a new phenomenon and to discredit this nesting theory even more, if there is one thing I don’t have its a “surge of energy” these days, but that’s not gonna slow me down.

Needless to say, I have stayed busy knocking projects one by one off the list (which sadly, is still just as long as it was to start) and readying the house as much as possible, partly because I want it all to be just so but mostly because the idea of not having time to do it in a few months scares me just a bit. So best to get cracking now. Let’s see there was the railing that needed painting, new fixtures in the bathroom, some cabinets that needed organizing, plenty of ongoing work in the baby’s nursery and the transformation of the newly appointed guest room. It is a list that is never ending and I know JJ is none too thrilled when I start something new – particularly when I get in over my head and need assistance.

This was the case with the new landscaping I wanted at the top of our driveway. We’ve put some effort into the shrubs around the house – but unfortunately no one can see them unless they are actually coming for visit – otherwise – our curb appear was seriously lacking. The plan was to put just a few bushes at the top – which quickly turned into 28 new bushes, an upset neighbor (I’m afraid I got a little close to the property line with my weed demolition), a tiller and a lot of digging.
Well the good news is that its complete – right in time for the hot summer heat to wilt the bushes – and a few weekends before I sheepishly ask for some fence railing to enhance the entrance.