So I hope this blog can be used as not only a way to communicate with friends and family as to the everyday happenings around the Dewar household, but also as a scrapbook of what was going on in the rest of the world during those moments. So I’m wracking my brain trying to remember all the highlights of the past six months. Clearly, there’s no significance as to what is included here or its order, except that these were the items that were at one point conversation pieces amidst the obvious topics (work, family, and doctor visits) around the dinner table.

On a personal note, I haven’t been the only one with a lot of visits to the doctor. JJ had open heart surgery to replace his pulmonary valve on March 19th. His doctor was Dr. Jaggers at Duke University. He was a real trooper, and came through the process with flying colors and is now, three months later, feeling even stronger than before. We spent just 5 days at the hospital – coming home on Easter sunday! JJ was back at work within a little over a week’s time.

Elsewhere in the world…

  • There are a lot of celebrity babies that will be the same age as you. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are having twins, Jaimee Lynn Spears (17) just had a baby girl this week, Jennifer Lopez had twins earlier this spring, Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling had little girls this month and Ashlee Simpson is expecting her first child later this fall.
  • Gas prices have been raising every day. Its a big concern. A gallon is about 4 bucks – it costs me more than $75 to fill up the SUV we just got to cart you and all your gear around. JJ has been contemplating riding his bike and the bus to work but the commute time is just not convenient. Cars are getting smaller and smaller with fuel efficiency being a huge selling factor. The Mini has the best sales right now. The Smart Car is new in the US this year – I always said I would like to have one – in lieu of a motorcycle.
  • There is a presidential election this year, its been an interesting campaign so far – John McCain will be the republican nominee and Barack Obama (first African American candidate) will be the democrat, however it was a staunch battle to get that far between Barack and Hilary Clinton (first female presidential candidate). Rumor has it they might run on the same ticket together. Time will tell.
  • The Summer Olympics are this year – scheduled to begin just before you arrive on 8-08-08 in Beijing, China. The trials are taking place right now and will give me plenty to watch as I try and beat the heat inside.
  •,,, Flickr, Twitter are some of the hottest trends on the internet. Anything that encourages uses to collaborate with others. Its certainly become the internet for the average, non-technical user, more so than ever.
  • Danica Patrick is the first female to win an IndyCar race (Japan – April 2008)
  • The war in Iraq is still raging. There is a lot of controversy and its been a key issue in the presidential race. Everyone has a different plan. I can’t wait to hear what they teach you in history class in the years to come.
  • Earthquakes, wildfires and tornados have dominated the news with devastating outcomes.
  • Some big blockbusters this year have been Sex in the City, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man (although to date we’ve only seen Indy). New Kids on the Block and Spice Girls have made a comeback (if you want to call it that) , Justin Timberlake and Madonna recorded a song together and Britney Spears has been in all kinds of trouble. Kinda keeps life interesting – just trying to keep up.

I am sure I’ll have to make updates or subsequent posts as the year is only halfway done, so I’ll just leave this post open-ended…