Even though I have the fancy smancy camera – sometimes its just easier to take photos with the iphone – you just can’t beat the convenience of it. So I have accumulated a number of photos lately I thought I would share – just an easy way to document via photos so of the comings and goings of our family lately.

Remember Valentine’s at Chickfila? This was my favorite impromptu – Cailee was trying to “hide” from the picture but I caught it just before she covered her face.

The Apple store is one of Cailee’s favorites – she likes to try to play the Dora game.

My first swing in the new playset.

So glad we opted to make this step like a little bench.

Cailee is really into dinosaurs these days – this is a T-Rex according to her – She was entertained during dinner at Cracker Barrel but opted to buy a new baby doll instead (Visits to Cracker Barrel have become quite costly because she either wants Candy or a Toy)