Once again my little girl surprised me with her courage. She volunteered as part of her gym team to show off some skills at Hillsborough Last Friday. I think, though, I would have taken one look at the audience and probably turned around and headed the other direction, but she didn’t. Her and her teammates just went out there and did their thing. She never ceases to amaze me – she’s so grown up. Afterwards, we did a fun thing. There were a number of street vendors and one was a potter. He let the kids each mold some pots that they were able to take home with them. He sent us with directions to fire the pot – which I assumed would be something like – put it in the oven for 10 min at 350 but its NOT. It’s actually, dig a hole, put the pot in the hole and cover them with twigs. Light the twigs on fire and if your pot doesn’t explode then you did it right. Seriously! Well suffice to say, we are still “drying” our pots (even though that’s only to take 3 days max), several weeks later, because I’m scared to actually fire them. At least for now, they are in one piece.