Well, JJ tells me the last post I wrote came off very ominous and open ended. Not worries, all is fine, life just has its ups and downs and who wouldn’t want it to always be up? I’m a little behind this week in posting to this blog. I’ll try and play catch-up.

Sidenote: Had to do a little work on the computer today – Connor grabbed at the computer and tore off one of the keys and I could not seem to attach it again. A trip to the Apple store today and my “R” is back rocking.

Cailee and I decided to make some brownies last weekend. Apparently she knows about licking the bowl (thanks to my mom) and that was really all she was focused on, when could she lick the bowl? (and yes, I know you aren’t supposed to eat raw brownie mix, but I always have and so far I am doing just fine, and it seems cruel to not allow her that fun – probably really warped thinking).