So another Gymnastics season has come to a close – but what a difference a year makes. Last year, Cailee had a disappointing end to her season, fully expecting to qualify for the Bronze Regional meet but narrowly missing what she needed to qualify. This year was so different – she qualified with room to spare, and did awesome at Regionals in Daytona Florida. Turns out, one of the drivers for wanting to do so well was the chance to be the Silver MVP. This year, Faulkners was going to recognize a gymnast per level that had the highlest cumulative score and at this year’s end of the year reception, again at the Laniers (complete with free snow cones, bouncy houses, barbeque and zip lining), Cailee received that for silver. She also got the perfect attendance award (although I don’t think that was quite accurate this year). We are so proud of her, would have been regardless but she really had an awesome year and instead of letting her disappointment from last year get her down, she used it as the motivation to have a very different outcome this year. I can’t believe how much she’s growing up!