I am not complaining now (maybe when I can’t drag her out of bed for school in a few years it will be a different story but we’ll wait for that day to come to start changing truly advantageous habits) … that’s more time for me to get some much needed work done… Cailee seriously sleeps til at least 9 most mornings, sometimes later and when she wakes up, it takes her just a bit to wake up – I am sure that sounds familar to many of you – but that’s not me – I pop out of bed and expect everyone else to be the same, but first hand experience from my better half tells me that that is not true and that Cailee takes after her daddy when it comes to the AM.

So here is my baby, bright eyed and bushy (really – look at that hair) tailed.
You can see her demeanor gradually improves (having some milk doesn’t hurt either).