Well it was long overdue, we needed some professional photographs – as evidenced in my post from early this week – getting everyone looking in the right direction is a bit challenging these days, so most of my pictures or just onesies, twosies – meaning I have one kid or a kid and JJ in the picture at best.

So we trekked off to Apex this weekend for our mini photo session with Holly. We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. However, we arrived late (I still struggle with getting everyone ready and out the door on time, just haven’t found my rhythm with two kids yet), with Cailee crying and hiding from the photographer and Connor missing a shoe. So we ditched the shoes and bribed Cailee with M&Ms and thanks to a lot of patience on Holly’s part, got a few photos of the fam. So far, we only have a sneak peak, but I am loving all the smiles from Cailee.

After the photo session, we enjoyed climbing on the old caboose. Connor was in an especially smiley mood – he generally is when daddy is around, JJ knows just where his tickle spots are. (Oh, and we found the missing shoe, right in the car where we left it).