So I am currently sitting in the RDU airport, a little sore that I am missing valuable time with the my family, because I will be away from them all week – frustrated that I am just wasting time now in the airport that is just a stone’s throw away – but such is the nature of air transportation and due to high winds in LaGuardia, the flights are all delayed. In the meantime, I will reflect on the fun we had this weekend and try to look forward to the blessing that IBM is bestowing on me – quite possibly my first week of uninterrupted sleep in over a year, otherwise I am bummed that Connor will most likely perfect his wobbly walking and Cailee will come up with a new plan, project or passion that she will be enamored with and then lose interest in with this week.

Speaking of which, last week it was picnics. Every time I turned around she had piled up every whatnot and put it in her Easter basket and said she was going on a picnic. It would include makeup, pizza, cups and plates, legos, plastic eggs and more. We would be very prepared for wherever this picnic took us. On Saturday, we decided to take a real picnic. So we stopped by subway, and headed to the park, only to have to leave and go potty at the nearby Arby’s (note to self – find a portable potty), but finally the picnic started. The fun thing about Oval park is that everyone brings their dejected toys and leaves them at the park, so they are fun to play with – most of them are still workable – just well loved – but there were two cars that my kiddos were attracted to that were not going to go anywhere anytime soon – take a look at the wheels – this might be a testament to this toy – the front wheels are the first to go.

PS. As much as I envy the families with their kids with them, I would have liked to have snuck (is this a word?) Cailee in my suitcase, this delay is playing havoc on all the kids in the waiting area – so I do not envy the parents trying to keep their cool and keep their kids entertained.

Note Connor’s new hair cut – pictures to come – while he was not entirely cooperative we did trim his little mullet across the back. He seems to have straight hair, as it was just hanging down his back.

Connor waits to go somewhere, anywhere.

Always the adventurer, Cailee loves climbing to the top of the monkey bar-ish thing (not sure what else to call it) – she also likes to do the monkey sound when she hangs (just before the drop to the ground, which she requires a bit of assistance with still).

Not sure why, but this looks slightly suspicious to me. It wasn’t, I asked her to pose for me – she just was dying to dart behind the tree and hide instead.