Week two of vacation – and as usual, I can’t sit down and put my feet up, even though I had been advised to do so. Its just not in my nature. I guess that’s where Cailee gets it.

So here is how the painting project started.. JJ tells me if he didn’t know me better he would think I was crazy, apparently having lived with me for almost ten years he has stopped questioning my antics – not sure if that’s a good thing or not. And so it goes like this – for Christmas we got Cailee a “big girl bed” and the bedding. This is the bed I ordered – its on backorder – which is not unusual for me and my experience with Pottery Barn Kids – it seems everyone has the same great taste as me or else PBK keeps very little in stock. (the rug, curtains, lamp I wanted for the nursery are all on back-order as well).

While we wait, we put the mattress and boxspring on the ground and it turned out to be a good transition to the actual bed since it was considerably lower to the ground. Only recently, we added the frame from the bed in the guest room and we had to include a step stool – first night we had to pick up Cailee from floor beside the bed.

Initially, due to lack of space with the crib in the bedroom, the big girl bed was in the playroom – it was only to be temporary but I was having a problem with the paint color matching the bedding. And I liked the bedding, so the paint had to change. I actually repainted Cailee’s bedroom from – get this – pale yellow – to pale yellow. I know, I can make fun of myself – I went from a creamy yellow to a cooler yellow. The only challenge ended up being the stripes. Last time they were a welcome mistake, this time I couldn’t replicate them – I tried twice. Third time might be the charm but I stopped at two and am going to live with it.

Next project, since I was failing miserably at my yellow stripes, I decided to add some horizontal stripes to the baby room, still very much a work in progress. I just did the back wall. This week I am anxiously awaiting my baby bedding. I have to admit, it was really hard taking down the crib in Cailee’s room – it was a transition that was actually quite emotional for me (well, everything is these days). But it helps to have another baby room to focus on – still a ways to go til I will feel ready to welcome little man (still no name yet) but every touch is a lot of fun.