It’s going to be a busy few weeks around our house, we have the last week of camp, a week at the beach, two birthay parties, soccer tryouts, first day of school, and the most heralded event, Cailee’s birthday party – a Frozen birthday party. And so I have been trying to plan ahead as much as possible. The school supplies are all ready to go, the kids have new underwear and socks, invitations are ready to go out in the mail and (drumrolle please) the party dress was ordered and delivered.

Speaking of which, we received our Frozen party dress today and I had to make sure it had the queen’s stamp of approval – so I allowed Cailee five minutes of twirling before she had to take it off again.

So this is the only sneak peak I’ll provide (mostly because I have a lot of ideas, yet still no clue what I’ll actually execute on – after all, finding snow flake type decorations in the middle of the summer is not the easiest feat – but where this is a Cailee, there must be a way.

These pictures were just too sweet to pass up.