So time to get back to updating the blog before I forget all about what happened nearly four months ago. (I’m authoring this in October 2015). It seems I’ve gotten good about taking and editing the photos but have postponed the writing (I guess I get enough of that in other areas of my life).

This year we went to the mountains with the Hamletts again for the fourth of July. Let me tell you, Melanie really knows how to roll out the hospitality carpet. I don’t have to do a thing – to the point that I feel extremely guilty. The food is spectacular, the kids have a blast playing with each other (the highlight was quite possibly the minion pinata), the view is amazing and the weather even held out for us (it threatened rain most of the weekend, but we stayed mostly dry). We trekked over to Tweetie Railroad for the fourth which Connor LOVES. To him, the mountains = big train place. Poor guy even got a cinder in his eye from the train, yet that didn’t dampen his spirit. He must of ridden the train 3-4 times (Luckily since he’s still just a tad short for the fair rides). Cailee on the other hand rode the spinning rides til she was turning green (I was out for the count just looking at them, so that girl and her iron stomach never ceases to amaze me).

It’s not quite a tradition to make our fourth of July trip to the mountains – but I won’t mind at all if it becomes one.