This weekend was no exception to the norm, busy busy, but we also had a lot of fun. Let’s see if I can recap. On Saturday, we kicked off the day with Gymboree – I don’t think we are quite used to doing this on Saturdays – I sure miss this as our Friday lunch time routine (but Cailee had to move up to the older class now that she is 2 and its either this or 9 am some time during the week). We ran straight to get our hair trimmed and even Cailee participated this time. And oh it went so much better than last time, mostly because she knows Tiffany – our hair stylist – AND had a lollipop – that we had to keep out of the hair. She didn’t get a new do or anything – just cleaned up the edges. We told her she looked beautiful and she said “Yes” – she of course, agreed.

Saturday afternoon, JJ started his next project, putting some grass in our backyard. As much as we should be hiring a professional to do this – we are going to see what happens if we try it first. This brings back memories of planting grass, and more grass at our previous house – only to have it die off every year – but thankfully our backyard here stays pretty shady so hopefully we’ll have better luck – I mean we have moss growing on our dirt now – so it must be getting some moisture.

Sunday, after church, we headed to the Burlington Carousel Festival – this was a first for us – but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We indulged in good old fair food with corn dogs, ribbon fries and snow cones (ok, that was just what I had), rode some rides the carousel (of course), a train, and Cailee got to do some of the bouncy rides till her cheeks were red and puffy. Its still a little toasty this time of year – I keep expecting it to be fall already – mostly because that’s what all the clothes at the shopping mall dictate – but its still 90 degrees.

We all crashed when we got home – well JJ and I did – Cailee was still busy til it was time to go to sleep. But what else is new.