The scooter was the “it” thing for a while, then it collected dust like so many other things, and now its back and with a vengeance. Right now its that really awesome time of the year when the weather is warm still, but we’ve lost the humidity we have during the height of the summer. So lately, we have been spending nearly every afteroon outside where Cailee has been perfecting her scooter skills. She says she “scoots” – is that the right verb to use for this activity? Lucky for me she is perfectly content riding it around and around in a circle in the only flat area of our driveway. She’s actually got some flair to her “scoot” now. She kicks back a leg dramatically with every swipe and says “weeeeeee” in that high Olivia the pig” voice (I think this is where that comes from) as she coasts by. Its pretty funny to watch. Connor usually just chases her and looks for any chance to take the scooter away (he likes to push it around like a walker).