Its been four years since Cailee enterered our lives and they have easily been the best four years of my life. Hands down, she’s the sweetest, most sensitive, shyest, yet silliest little girl I know and I love her more than I thought I could love someone.

My favorite thing about Cailee is that she tells me she loves me multiple times a day. Case in point – today, we had a great day celebrating our little princess and this afternoon she came into my room while I worked and told me she just wanted a hug and kiss from me (which of course she got) – talk about warm fuzzies. Its great to see how much she has grown this past year – without prompting – several times today she said, Thank you mommy, Thank you daddy for my birthday. She really is something special. I feel so fortunate that she’s mine.

Just in celebration of my little girl – here are some recent fun pix (ironically she’s been on a hat kick lately, this coming from the girl who would never wear a hat as a baby, now she wants to try on every hat she sees).