Well, so I goofed – Cailee really has two more weeks to reach the true six month milestone, but she’s close enough at 24 weeks so we had the “six month” checkup yesterday. Apparently, she’s fit as she can be even with her belly hanging over her waistline (her and I have had a conversation regarding the upcoming bikini season – no doubt – both of us could use a little work in that area). She actually came down to about the 85th percentile (yea?) in weight at 18lbs 1 oz and 70th percentile in height (slight confusion there, last time I swore she was in a higher bracket, but this doctor claimed the opposite).

Misconception #2 (Bear with me – I am still trying to figure this baby thing out) regular food will actually make her lose weight – here I was holding off as much as possible because I was afraid she would blow up like humpty dumpty. Nope, sounds like its the milk that adds the bulk (and I am sure my not-so-balanced diet of smarties – thanks Tori – and peanut butter m&m’s doesn’t help). So, I guess more fruit and veggies are in her future – the doctor said, this is when it gets fun – and I agree.

Cailee survived the shots like a champ and got her first big girl bandaid (although today it looks a bit like I punched her in the leg). Thankfully, she gets a 6 month break before she gets pricked again – not sure who is more relieved, her or her mommy.

That’s the latest, I’ve got no complaints, life is good.

Now… talk to JJ who is trekking his car to Winston Salem for some more work and he might sing a different tune.