Well you can probably guess what the downside of Fall has been this year if you watched TV at all in the last 12 hours but that aside, I have to focus on the positive and there has been plenty.

To start, the leaves have been incredible. JJ and I packed up Lola, Cailee and met my parents and Emma (Lola’s counterpart) and enjoyed a great time at Hanging Rock, NC. It was definitely peak weekend for the leaves there, the weather was just right and all of us enjoyed the Bojangles (including the pups) picnic.

But on top of that event, JJ and I have enjoyed the view right from our backyard. Maybe it was the drought, but I just don’t recall it being so colorful last year. The pictures don’t do it justice although I tried to capture it so I would remember. And that best part is that since we live in the woods with a natural lot – there is no pressure to rake up those that fall – unless you wanted to jump in them.

Next on the list, Cailee. She’s been sleeping much better, although not in the crib (that’s another story), and she has a sweet personality that we are seeing more of every day. Last night she even slept through the entire night – now I am rational enough to assume that was a fluke because she’s not near on that kind of schedule yet (she was up for most of the day previously, but has since slept most of today) but maybe that’s why I am seeing the glass half full today- a good night’s sleep will do you wonders.

Finally, its been a good week to catch up some friends. I’ve been busy cramming in lunch dates while time still permits and JJ and I are looking forward to taking Cailee to her first college football game, complete with tailgating, at ECU this weekend.

So despite the rainy start to the week and the fact that the guy and gal I voted for didn’t win or that I have to go back to work in just a few days, I am still loving life – that is until the next sleepless night.