Our State Fair got some bad press this year, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time. Luckily we went a few days before the Vortex malfunction made national news, in fact, JJ and I both commented when we went past the ride that that was not one we would ever consider riding – smart folks are we.

We bought 80 ride tickets ahead of time which made them half price, luckily, because within 2 hours they were history. Connor got to ride a lot more rides this year, although he was still a tad short of the 36″ minimum height requirement for a lot of rides – and he was clearly disappointed.

I think, ok, I know, their most favorite was the trampoline. We found it in another area of the fair, unoccupied, so the operators gave the kids lots of attention. It was well-worth the $5/each.

The kids also enjoyed the games – JJ “won” them both a prize – of course, they thought they won the game. Initially, we didn’t think Connor even cared when Cailee got the first prize, but then he started begging for Sponge Bob – there was a “Patrick” stuffed animal he had spotted – I had no idea he even knew that name, he said “Bonge Bob.” It was pretty darn cute.

Of course, we filled up on Gypsy’s candy apples, cotton candy, and ham biscuits. Can’t beat free fair food, heck, can’t beat costly fair food on most days.