This is year two of the kids doing swim team. It was so good for them last year – they made a lot of friends, improved their swimming skills and overall did really well for never having done it before (and barely being able to swim 25 yards freestyle at the beginning of the season). Practice starts in eary May and the pool is still a little chilly for the daily practices, they start in the afternoons until school gets out. Cailee unfortunately can’t participate until there are morning practices since she has gym in the afternoons. I’m pretty certain its even chillier in the morning – at least for a time. I, myself, have a vivid memory of early morning swim lessons, as a kid, and the water being from some PA spring and it being crazy cold.

This year the kids are aging up which makes it a bit more challenging. Connor will be in the 7-8 year olds and Cailee in the 9-10 year olds. Unfortunately, most of their friends are still in the younger age groups so this will be a growing year, and Connor will have to learn the other strokes (Butterfly and Breast stroke) and swim up to five events in each meet – as opposed to three last year – but I’m sure they’ll rise to the challenge.

Here are pictures and videos from their first few meets – every Wednesday and sometimes on Saturdays. Their times this year are decidedly faster than last year, I don’t know if that’s because they’ve been pushed more by the competition or just gotten that much better/stronger (or most likely some combination of both), but they’ve done awesome and continued to get better as the year’s gone on. Connor even pulled off a heat winner for one of his relays.