Its so hard to believe that Saylor is a year old – where did this year go? She’s a sweet girl, little blondie with blue eyes. My favorite thing is watching Cailee dote on her – she loves her little cousin Saylor. It shows you what a few years difference make, she’s uber competiitve with Connor, but a little Mommy to Saylor. Courtney and John thew Saylor an over the top Flamingo pool party – Flamingos appear to be making a move on Unicorns as the creature featured on the most collateral – they are everywhere, making it easy to find Cailee a Flamingo shirt, perfect for the occasion.

I should make note, this was a girls-only weekend around our house. Connor was at Moutain Bike Camp – maybe his first ever official camp. It was just a two-day camp up near Charlottesville, VA but both boys were in their element. Connor is a natural, just like his daddy, and was as cute as can be decked out in full mountain bike gear, glasses, the works (although we had to do a little arm twisting to get him in the padded shorts – I think they felt pretty odd to him at first but he got with the program once he realized he wasn’t alone and his butt didn’t look funny). From all accounts Connor had no fear, tackled everything he could – doing the dip (a big down hill and immediate uphill) and the teeter totter (kinda what it sounds like). JJ did a little riding and a little watching, as I understand it, so he was able to squeeze in his passion too on this Father’s day weekend.