This day couldn’t have come soon enough, at least for Cailee. The last week of school has been mostly full of end of the year parties and games (Thursday, was game day for Connor). The one exception is that Cailee had EOG tests this year for the first time. She had her reading test a week or two ago, but had her math test this week. I know she was glad to finally get it behind here – they put some much pressure on those tests that she was a nervous wreck thinking about it. That girl puts so much pressure on herself to be perfect – sometimes it just breaks my heart (and other times, I realize how proud I am of how hard she tries with everything). It turned out all her concerns were unfounded, even after missing a week due to our vacation/cruise – She aced the Math EOG with a 5 and must have been really close to a 5 on the reading – only missing 3 questions on the whole test. She’s a smart cookie! The kids are looking foward to the summer (although for Cailee, summer also starts the count down to her birthday).

The kids appeased me with some quick pictures to commemorate the last day (a half day), although Cailee really just wanted to make odd faces at me – so attractive?? I’ve learned the trick is to let them make the funny face, and then snap the picture right aftwards, because they end up cracking themselves up, trying so hard to be silly, and I can get a really authentic, from the gut laughing smile – those are the best!

Here’s to summer 2018!