All this week we were glued to the TV watching an approaching Hurricane. It was predicted to be bad and a direct hit to our area. People were panicked, much so that there was no gas and no food or water at the stores. I wasn’t too worried, we had a generator which would keep most things going – but I did need gas to get my hair cut on Thursday – I mean priorities. 🙂 So Cailee’s birthday was a Wednesday and Hurricane Florence was supposed to hit Thursday, originally. Cailee has been saying she wanted her birthday on a Friday and in some ways she got her wish. Area Schools cancelled Thursday and Friday – so she got to have her birthday and a long weekend to boot. Turns out, after all that, the Hurricane did hit the coast – Wilmington namely, but avoided the Triangle for the most part. We did get some rain and flash flooding the following Monday morning but avoided any real drama. Most would call it a non-event (for us, at least).

We were planning to spend Sunday with my parents but it was touch and go as we watched the storm. When it just looked like rain, we headed there to celebrate Cailee’s birthday with my family (GG & Gdaddy, Uncle Dave and our foursome). We had pizza and cake and Cailee got more gift cards – just what she wanted. She can still blow out all the candles in one puff (faster than it took to light them) and even lost a tooth today (yep, I was on the treadmill at the gym and she facetimed me to show me how loose it was – she wiggled it a bit and pulled it right out – all while I was running – wish I had caught that on video). So how’s that for luck, tooth fairy and birthday festivities in one day?