Oh wow, my little girl is ten years old. I really don’t know how that happened. I think what’s scarier is realizing how quickly the past ten years have past and knowing I have less than half that time left with my little girl at home. But we had a grand time celebrating her tenth birthday. First, we spent the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with Emma and Ella, her two best friends from gymnastics. Aunt Beth also had her debut exerience at the ‘lodge. It was a jam-packed weekend – we did the water park, magicquest, build-a-wolf?-bearish type thing, manicures at the spa and more. I mean, if it coud be done there, we did it. Oh the arcade, how could I forgot, my kids live for the arcade. So after two days of non-stop fun, we had a short reprieve before Cailee’s actual birthday on Wednesday. This week the hype was all been about Hurricane Florence. It was anticipated to be so bad that they cancelled school Thursday and Friday, so Cailee got her birthday on a “Friday” that she always wanted and a long weekend to boot. We’re still sitting her waiting for the storm to arrive. On Wednesday, we recognized Cailee’s birthday everywhere we could, we tp-ed her room with streamers, we brought Krispy Kreme Donuts to lunch at school (which happens to feel more like breakfast since its at 10:40 AM), then we delivered pig cupcakes to gym, and special snack for Awanas. Cailee got Chilis for dinner and presents at night. For her birthday she got a tumble track, fitbit, barbie camper, lol dolls, stuff dog with little outfits. Pretty much everything on her wish list + target gift cards for anything else. I know she felt the love. I really am so proud of the young woman that Cailee has become. She was in a hurry to get here ten years ago and hasn’t stopped going since then. She’s hard working, loves her gymnastics, pigs and unicorns. She hates to go to bed, loves to sleep in, lives for a good mystery on tv (and sponge bob). She’s excited to learn cursive this year and read Harry Potter. She’s got a smile that’s contagious and a heart of gold. She keeps us on our toes for sure – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you Cailee!