We hosted Thanksgiving again this year – it must be ok if everyone keeps coming back. I think each year I get a little better, things run a little smoother and it’s a tad less stressful. I think the menu is about the same every year – JJ fries the turkey (I think he appreciates the hour or so of solace that he gets outside with his beer and the fryer), I make the sausage stuffing (or is it dressing -since its not actually stuffed?), green bean casserole, rolls, some appetizers, mom makes her world famous mashed potatoes (I wouldn’t even try to match these) and mac and cheese, Betty handles the desert and Dave fills in all the gaps with savory delights – seriously – the unmatched kind that people rave about for weeks (the brussel sprouts were still the talk fo the day at Christmas this year).

I have so much to be thankful for this year. We are so lucky to have so much family close by (and in the house for Thanksgiving), of course we have a house over our heads, clothes to keep us warm (stylish clothes, I might add due to a new found fascination with fashion, super sales and instagram), two healthy, happy kiddos that get along most of the time, a better half I’m madly in love with, a good job with the best colleagues, and although it has it moments – we are in the thick of deliverying a product that has been years in the making so that’s exciting… my list goes on.

I’m excited about the upcoming holidays – the activities we have planned, the time with friends and families, seeing how excited the kids get. It’s just got to be the best time of the year.