So while all my other colleagues were going back to work – I’d opted for another week off since the kiddos were still home. I wanted to distract myself from the inevitable pings and emails – and the kids certainly wanted to get out of the house – so we went to the Museum. We are so fortunate that it’s right down the road. Not gonna lie, when we got there it proved to be a little chillier than we had planned for – so we spent a good deal of time inside but we did venture out for our train ride (and scream in the tunnel), to visit Auggie the pig (couldn’t miss this), to sweat with the butterflies, and catch the oversized windmills off the conveyer belt. In the insect building -we witnesses the biggest Tarantula spider ever! I know they’ve always had it but I don’t recall seeing it so spread out or just moving around or something – it just seemed exceptionally creepy. How is it that some people actually have these hanging around in their normal habitat? I just couldn’t.