JJ and I took Cailee to her first Easter Egg Hunt. Tracy and Rob had told us about it – it was presented by the Durham Parks and Rec at the Eno River Park and it was much better than I anticipated. I had these visions of Cailee getting pummelled by the 12 year olds in their angst to find the golden egg. But it wasn’t at all like that – it was great, all 5 minutes of it.

They split all the ages up and the two and under kiddies were all taken to the old historic house with a fenced in yard and eggs “hidden” everywhere. It was great. Once we showed Cailee one egg and what to do with it – she went to town. She was like a girl on a mission.

There was this issue of golden egg. With three elusive golden eggs, it was not really on my mind, but JJ had the eagle eyes and spotted one golden egg – the winning golden egg actually – right in our corner of the yard. With some serious aiding and abetting – something like “Cailee, come over here, over here, pick this egg, right here…” you get the point – and so did Cailee. She did pick up the egg all on her own – if that counts.

Funny story, when the time came to collect on her prize, Cailee would not hand over the egg. She would much rather the egg then the giant plush bunny. She knocked the bunny right out the organizer’s hands into the dirt – all in an attempt to hold onto the egg. We eventually pried it out of her hands but in retrospect maybe we should have just opted for the egg.

Even still it was fun time by all.

Some good pictures of Grayson, Cailee’s first boyfriend too. (Apparently, she was trying to kiss and hug him the other day)